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Logo Design

A logo is the pithiest representation of your corporate character. Is your company serious and corporate, or is it fun and light-hearted? Your logo will communicate these points to your clients and potential clients.

When we build a logo for clients, we provide a questionnaire that asks a number of questions about your company. Our team has created dozens of logos, and each one is required to convey a certain message. Let us know what you want your logo to say and feel, and our professional graphic designers will provide the logo that you are envisioning.

Does your logo pass the simplicity test?

The best logo is memorable and graphically simple. This is necessary because your logo will be used in small versions (like on business cards) and large versions (like on banners) so it should be highly visible in all situations.

It should also use strong color tones. When people photocopy or fax your logo, is it legible? Using 2-3 solid colors is a good way to go.

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